Fan Experience Analysis

Max Sports Marketing provides expert marketing services for sports organizations – professional and collegiate.  One of our services is a Fan Experience Analysis where we attend your games, compile data and submit our analysis and findings report.

We will be your secret shopper. We will attend your football, basketball or any other sporting event and identify areas to improve fan experience, sponsorship, attendance and revenue.  We will mobilize a team with diverse demographics to record on our custom app, their experience with over 30 data points, including:

  • Premium VIP Experience
  • Ticketing, Transportation & Parking
  • Pregame Activities & Sponsorship Activations
  • Merch & Concessions
  • Pregame Digital Marketing & Promotions
  • In-Game Entertainment & Marketing
  • Cleanliness, Security & Staffing

Our report will include the raw data & images from each attendee and a 10 page summary indicating areas of improvement with our recommendations.  This report provides critical information to improve struggling College Football attendance or MLB, NBA & NFL. We can also help improve the fan experience at events such as PGA, UFC, MLS or WWE.

If your organization is interested in discussing our fan experience analysis, kindly send a note to

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